Wednesday, August 11, 2010

House of Reckoning by John Saul

Alright people this is a hell of a read. No romance which is not my norm, but I have always been a huge John Saul fan ever since I was 7 years old and my big sister stole my aunt's copy of Suffer the Children and we would hide in the closet with a flashlight to read it because our parents thought it would give us nightmares. It so totally did by the way but hey live and learn. This an amazing story about an old asylum which has become the family home to the descendants of the doctor who ran it. There is also a child artist who imagines things into her drawings that come to pass and a young boy who has been diagnosed as clinically insane because of the voices in his head, but the voices aren't his imagination he is being haunted by 17 distressed souls. It is full of suspense and heart pounding thrills. For those of you who have never read him, John has a innate sense of right and wrong and the guilty in his books always receive the most appropriate demises. These forms of justice always make me feel so vindicated. This book is no less incredible than his others. He weaves a web of intricate details you don't piece together till you pull back and look at the whole picture. He never fails to blow my mind.

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