Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dark Lover

First, let me apologize for not posting in three days! You would not believe how crazy it is around here, between the holiday weekend, my car breaking down and writing for the "day job" I have lost my mind. Now down to business, Dark Lover is the first in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. After reviewing Covet on here I literally got people begging me to read it. Also I got Brotherhood fanatics friend requesting me on Facebook and inviting me to join their role playing group. No, I'm not kidding she has die hard fans! I have been following their little role playing group, not participating, and was fascinated by their devotion. So here we are. I now understand. The Brotherhood is a series unlike any other. Her unique take on Vampires teamed with her edgy writing style and slew of deep dark characters has shown me once again she is an extreme talent. Her books are definitely worthy of your "keeper" shelf folks. In this installment Darius, one of the Brotherhood, is brutally murdered by the Lessers leaving behind his half-vampire daughter who is unaware of her heritage. His last wish is for his Brother Wrath to help her through the change of becoming  a vampire and protect her. Dark Lover is Wrath's story and I am told each book will tell one of the Brother's story much like the Argeneau series of Lynsay Sands. But folks, make no mistake this is hard core urban fantasy, just like in Covet, romance is in the background. The focal point of the series is the war between the Lessers and the Brotherhood. Dark Lover is full of violence,darkness and action just like Covet, I am placing J.R. on the must read list for the summer and have already bought the next book, Lover Eternal. J.R. you will forever be on my list of top authors, well done.


  1. Phenomenal review...I've been following the way wicked BDB series for a couple of years and can honestly say that the wait between books is unbearable...I've also read Covet and am looking forward to Crave which I believe is due out this fall. JR Ward totally rules the urban vamp world and has the best ebonistic combob I've ever read. So on dat note...time to beat feet ~~wink~~

  2. You would be correct it is due in October.

  3. Gracias for the confirmation Red Reaper :o)