Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

So, we all love paranormal romance, but sometimes you can get bored of the same theme over and over. I kept seeing this book, but I hated the cover…don't ask, just one of my weirdness'. Finally, I looked it up one day and well hell it seemed different. It had my hot sexy changeling men and something else I love….psychics. I figured I would give it a shot. I read the entire series in a week; I stayed up all night to finish the first book. Slave to Sensation starts you off into this amazing world….it's earth but not as we know it. There are two species…There are the 'psy' who are the ruling race and are connected through the PsyNet. Emotions have been bred out of them using Silence. Then there's the "changelings" who vary from leopards to wolves down to rats even. The changelings; being animals at heart, are of course full of emotion. Having two opposites of the end emotional grids creates a lot of tension between the 2 races and they are on the verge of war. The first book we meet Sasha Duncan who is a Cardinal Psy. Sasha has a secret..she's flawed because she feels. And feeling can lead to 'rehabilitation' and then termination. Then in walks Lucas Hunter (fans myself) he is the Alpha leader of the Leopard Changelings in the California territory and he is pissed. Changeling females are being murdered and he wants answers. He will use anyone to get them, even Sasha because after all she is just another emotionless psy. Damn, is he shocked when he finds out different and they start working together when another female is taken. I loved watching these two characters grow, you can't help but fall in love with them. His prejudice, her feelings of failure. (Oh by the way Sasha’s mother is on the ruling council for the psy) You can't help but love all the characters in this book….and the best part is, the characters all follow through to the next books. So it's not like we learn about Sasha and Lucas and then never see them again. So get up and get to the book store, then we can discuss what you think before we move onto the second book in this serie


  1. Welcome Eve to my blog so happy to have you posting with us! Well done.

  2. Wonderful review. I adore Singh's psy series. And her Angel's series rocks too. :)

  3. If you haven't picked up her Archangels' books, you need to read those. They are so good, and so different for the paranormal romance, becasue everything is vampires/werwolves,a nd these are angels. How cool is that? Love reading your blog so far.