Monday, June 21, 2010

Christina Dodd

I finally am starting to break down the "to be read" pile thank goodness! I read Storm of Shadows last night. This is book two of the Chosen Ones series I have book three Chains of Ice on order already because it releases in a couple of weeks. Once again my beloved drama queen you have left me hanging by a thread waiting desperately for the next installment. For those of you who haven't read both this series and the prequel series Darkness Chosen this particular installment tied up some loose ends for me. For instance I finally get the significance of the "live tattoo" in the first of the Darkness Chosen books. Storm of Shadows was a terrific read but I highly recommend you begin at, well the beginning,  and start with the Darkness Chosen series. Christina writes with a passion for her characters that comes alive on the pages and as always keeps me turning pages so fast I lose track of the time. I am rarely capable of tearing myself away till the last word.

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