Tuesday, June 22, 2010

News on the homefront

I was asked to submit an original book review to another blog site, sort of an audition if you will to publish on their site. Wish me luck loyal followers. Sadly I wrote an amazing review that I can't publish here ,but I will say I reviewed Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley for him. She sent me a copy of the book last week so I moved it up to the top of the famous "to be read" pile for two reasons. First, it was the most recently published one in the pile and second, because although it is a more serious book than I usually review (you know I love my funny girls lol) I figured using an author I loved would make it easier to write a great review. Ok y'all think "A Time To Kill" meets "Romeo and Juliet" and you have the setting for this book. It's full of turmoil and humanity and romance all rolled up in a neat little ball. I hope she writes more for this particular shifter world she has created. Way to go Jenn!

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