Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Queen MJ

I am 2 more books into the Undead series, Undead and Unappreciated is book three. Betsy not only discovers she is about to be a big sister (yes evil Ant is preggers)but that she has a long lost sister as well, and that said sister is the devil's daughter. The sharp tongued queen and her saintly sister make a hilarious dynamic duo. Also she finally convinces the always dreamy Sinclair they need a real wedding.  In Undead and Unreturnable Betsy is up to her neck in wedding plans, a serial killer, a new baby brother, her new job as a columnist and her life is getting more complicated by the minute. As usual she handles it with, shall we say "tactless grace". Betsy is one of my favorite funny girls of all time. She is so "normal" (yes I said normal) that she is easy to relate to.

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