Saturday, June 19, 2010

Next Four Argeneau Books

Read books 6-9 in the Argeneau series. Bite Me If You Can was Lucian's novel and up till this novel I never liked him much he seemed to be too much of a hard ass for me, but Lynsay has redeemed him in this one. I found the story heart warming. Book 7 The Accidental Vampire is Victor's tale and can I say that out of all the ones I have read in this series this is the most original. Elvi is a strange , but welcome addition to Lynsay's line of vampires. Book 8 Vampires Are Forever was truly the book I was looking most forward to because I am a huge Thomas fan. I was not disappointed it was filled with the same humor, romance and adventure I have come to expect from Lynsay, but the story revolves around Marguerite's mysterious disappearance and Thomas , Inez and the rest of the Argeneau brood trying to find her. That being said it made this book sort of a 2 parter since at the end of it we still do not know what happened to her. So being as impatient as I am, good thing I had book 9 Vampire Interrupted on hand. I immediately started reading it. I love how she brought the Notte's into yet another novel. The mystery behind Marguerite vanishing is solved here and although it still has the romance and adventure it also has a sadness about it not present in the other stories. That's not a bad thing, I mean who doesn't occasionally need to watch a tear jerker, but it did take me a little off guard. This is probably the sweetest love story of them all. Am I the only one who thinks this would make a great T.V. series? Have any of you followers read this series? Curious to know if you have a favorite vampire and who you would want to play them if it ever made to the screen.

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