Friday, June 25, 2010

Undead meets Wyndham

Ok I have read  Undead and Unpopular, Undead and Uneasy and Undead and Wed: The Honeymoon Story. I realize it's been 2 days since last post and I am usually pretty good about this, but it has been a little crazy writing reviews for both sites. In Undead and Unpopular Betsy is still up to her neck in wedding plans, her birthday's looming on the horizon and Jessica is deathly ill. Not to mention all her "diplomacy" issues. It was probably a) the quickest Betsy novel to read and b) the novel where the least loose ends are tied up. I love the lighthearted plots and the crazy humor. Undead and Uneasy is probably my favorite installment so far. Note to MJ:  I almost gave up on your books out of deep despair around chapter 20 *sniff* but I am happy to say you redeemed yourself. I won't tell why because as you know I hate big spoilers, but my Queen knows of what I speak.This is also the first book where her two series "Undead" and "Wyndham Werewolves" cross. We discover that it happens to be Antonia's pack. I am in love with Derik by the way. That said, in the words of my Majesty "This book goes where the other five really haven't"  and she means it. I read it straight through because I was in shock more than anything and desperate to make sure Betsy "fixed" everything. This is becoming a soap opera to me. For those of you who read the series and are confused as to why we go from wedding to several months later between books it is because you have missed the crucial short story Undead and Wed: The Honeymoon Story which can be found in the anthology Dead Over Heels. The honeymoon, like anything else is Betsy's life, is full of insane obstacles that she clumsily overcomes. I truly love this series. I mean you all know I love the Argeneau series too, but that is very different than this. The Argeneau books, although they should be read in order, are vastly stand alones for the most part with the exception of the background info. The Betsy books are an ongoing drama in the life of the Queen so they become much more personal. I intend to keep reading them as long as MJ keeps writing more.

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