Monday, June 28, 2010

More MJ

I finished 2 books Undead and Unworthy was another Betsy book. This is almost the last one to catch me up before the new release. This one has the rest of fiends turning back to vampires like Garrett, but they have nothing but murder on their minds. I warn you not everyone is going to make it to the next book. There have been times MJ came close to offing big characters but this time she did it. I liked this one as much as the others although Undead and Uneasy is still my favorite. Her comedic writing style helps the reader through any sadness that might happen in the stories so no worries.
The other book I read was an anthology Dead and Loving It which is more of the Wyndham Werewolf stories. The 4 stories are:
Santa Claws which is terribly romantic a true sweep you off your feet story.
 Monster Love which is not for the squeamish reader who just wants the mushy type love story, fair warning that it's graphic and involves rape, but I actually like this story. It was very realistic and well thought out.
There's No Such Thing as a Werewolf which is my favorite of the four. We encounter something we haven't seen before, a blind werewolf. He is sexy and romantic. MJ also brings the characters from Monster Love into it as well as a Fae so this one is interesting.
A Fiend in Need is a cross-story for the Wyndham Werewolves and  Undead series and explains exactly why Antonia came to live with the King and Queen and how she fell in love with Garrett.
Ok MJ one more and I am ready for the new Undead release and I hope there are more full length Wyndham stories in the works I like those more than the short ones.

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