Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Love to Lynsay

Still reading the Argeneau Vampire series. I have read books 3 and 4 now. She is still just as laugh out loud funny as before, but for those of you who don't read her, let me explain why. She has her characters say the most insane things for instance in Single White Vampire (book 3) when Luc's girlfriend is fretting over the legends of vampirism he tells her "I am not dead. You are not a necrophiliac. Rigor mortis does not cause my erections. You do." It is that odd sense of humor that has me giggling like a school girl everytime I pick up one of her books. Always love you Lynsay thank you for the joy you bring into my world.


  1. I just love her books two. the make me laugh


  2. I know Stacey everytime I read one I am laughing out loud and my kids think I am insane.