Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stephanie Rowe

Just read Date Me Baby One More Time and am on the hunt for the 2nd book in this series. It was fast paced and hilarious. I read it on a suggestion because usually the fact that there were no vamps, weres/shapeshifters or fairies in it would have kept me from picking it up. Justine Bennett is an ass-kicking, sex- starved guardian of the goblet of eternal youth and her sidekick Theresa Nichols is a smart ass, nymphomaniac dragon. The jokes and crazy one liners are on every page. Defintely worth the read.


  1. Ok I got ahold of the other three books in this series and have read two of them. They keep getting better. I cannot wait till her next paranormal series.

  2. The rest of this series was as hilarious as the first book. The witty humor and no holds barred sarcasm made this series a page tuner. The cast of insane characters are easy to fall in love with and fun to cheer on. Loving Stephanie Rowe!