Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mish Mosh

Alrighty then, first of all, I am home!  Second, I read 3 books while on my beach vacation so we are going to make this review a long mish mosh of all of them. Here goes, first book was yet another Argeneau novel y'all know how I love Lynsay. Bite To Remember was Vincent's novel and although in Bastien's novel he seemed a little odd to me in this one I think I am in love. His reclusive nature is explained quite believably and this installment is a credit to the series. As usual, it was full of Lynsay's incessant humor and steamy romance.
Second book was the 2nd installment of MJ Davidson's undead series. I loved it as much as the first. Betsy the vampire queen is no less sarcastic and certainly no less in love with Eric, although she vehemently denies the fact. Now that she's the queen (be it a reluctant one) she has become a target for assassination. I love Eric more and more in this one, so gallant, so sexy. I once again bow to Queen MJ. Third book is the start of a new series for me by one of my favorite authors, Katie MacAlister. As you all know, I am in love with the Dark Ones novels (BTW she has 3 new ones coming out for that this year! Soooooo excited!!!) but this review is about her Aisling Grey series. Most of you know my fondest desire is to be whisked away by a gorgeous vampire :) but I am beginning to wonder if being a wyvern's mate wouldn't be almost as cool.This book is about a Guardian who doesn't know she is one, who is also a wyvern's mate and doesn't want to be.
She also accidentally becomes a demon lord of sorts. All in all not a good turn of events for someone who just wants to be "normal" Katie always delivers humor and romance rolled up with adventure and I cannot wait till I get ahold of the next book. Well done ladies.

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